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You may be a self-employed architect or an employed architect; but, would you ask yourself, whether you need to upgrade your knowledge in all matters related to professional activity in architecture?

If yes, then the best thing for you is to enroll for the CEP for architects (A Continuing Education Program for Architects).

Q & A   Your questions - My answers ! ! !

1 -Why should I opt for the training under "CEP for architects"?

Ans - If you are still spending time in obtaining sanctions from the planning authority/municipal authority to your building plans, then it is clear that you are not aware of the fact that your registration under the Architects Act authorizes you to form your independent professional opinion that does not require any validation or permission from any public authority. Under this program the emphasis will be more on the legal aspect of the profession and other important relevant subjects such as management, personality, accounting and the certain procedures for conducting the profession.

  2 – I am preparing the building plans only according to the development control rules under town planning Act. Is it improper?

Ans – It is proper. Yet, as a Registered Architect you are expected to give advice based on YOUR PERSONAL ASSESSMENT & EXPERIENCE for the case brought by a client, through your drawings, specifications, estimates and oral or written instructions.

     3 - What about the certificate?

A - The Course is intended to make you aware and create ability in you to manage your own independent practice as an architect or to form a group practice with your close classmates or some other architects. This does not need any certificate.

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